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Indian Airports

Flying in India offers a relatively quick way to travel around the country. There's airports in most major cities and many of them are being upgraded. India's booming economy, and the deregulation of the aviation industry, has brought about a huge increase in the number of domestic airlines in India in recent years.

India's airports are undergoing massive upgrade and modernization works due to the phenomenal growth in air traffic around the country. As a result, India is now on the way to having some much improved, glossy, new airport terminals.

Here are a few steps on how to prepare for your International Flight.

1. Check-out if you will need a visa to travel to the country of your destination.
2. Carry all of your important required documents while you fly.
3. You should always check for the banned or restricted objects on International Flights and remove them from your luggage when packing your bags.
4. Leave contact phone numbers with family members and friends in case they need to reach you while you are traveling.
5. Never leave town without some cash, whether it is domestic or foreign currency.
6. Before you head out into the unknown, do a little research and bring along some guides.
7. Before you zip up the suitcase and head to the airport, do one last check of the local weather in your destination.
8. All airport procedures should be clearly read and understood, such as the screening process and security checks on the airport's website before you leave. Check for information on Customs regulations.
9. Arrive at your airport 3 hours before your departure time to ensure that you will make your international flight as per airport rules.
10. Your special meal should be requested during booking of flight.
11. Wear loose, comfortable clothing for long flights.


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